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"Will I get lymphedema?"
Good Things Are Happening At Dr. Reams Concierge Physical Therapy
Kalie is incredible. I was having issues with bilateral lymphedema in my legs and pelvic floor issues. I had a 6 & 7 year old and had never done any type of recovery postpartum. Kalie not only led me through the exercises and recovery at my comfort level, but made sure to take time to help holistically educate me which I believe helps me long term. She is a phenomenal listener. I felt like with her wide range of knowledge and expertise she was able to not just help treat the symptoms, but help me identify some root issues between my conditions. She was very honest and straight forward with me, but in a way I could tell it was because she genuinely cared in my recovery. After working with so many different types of doctors, she was a breath of relief! ~KL       
My name is LaShon. I had the privilege of being taken care of by Kalie Reams for my lymphedema. I had issues with lymphedema for over three years and felt after the first visit that I could be helped. Kalie is very knowledgeable in her field, but more importantly she shows genuine care and compassion for her patients. She done everything that she could to make sure that I had all the tools I needed to continue care at home after therapy was complete. I am one week complete with therapy and feel so much better still and I also feel fully capable with what I learned from Kalie to continue self care at home. I am forever blessed and thankful for Kalie... she is a Godsend. 
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